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  • 06A1 2007
  • 28 Discerning Individuals
  • Of the grandest traditions of Millennia Institute
  • Of the descendants of TTC and BC
  • Of 20 females and 8 males
  • Of 2007, In Block F, 3rd Floor, last Tutorial Room

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    Monday, 11 June 2007
    Exams, as in the real deal, is finally around the corner. Looking at the current situation, this blog can stay stagnate as it is already, and further updates will no longer be in order, until someone takes over the helm.

    Good luck.

    Thursday, 5 April 2007
    I believe most can safely say that the CIP trip to Jamiyah Home of the Aged is more than just a trip. Really fun to see how 06A1 is willing to chip in and contribute to what is essentially lacking in the society: Compassion for individuals are not as fortunate or as materially-satisfied.

    Most of us have seen what these old folks have for everyday: Food, sit around and thats about all. For losers like "Anonymous" (06*4) who complained how little life have for us, youth and slaves of the workforce in the future, should be contented. What 06A1 witness is a pillage of human being, ghettoed in a centralised location, they call "home". Yet in this ghetto, they see beyond themselves, each of them who shared their experiences and histories with us, lived a life that is definitely not contained by their plight today: being dumped in an aged home.

    What 06A1 have offered today is not just the hours of entertaining, helping around the home; I am sure Jamiyah Home can do much better than us. What we offered is beyond our perception, subconsciously, we provided solace to them, and definitely, the smiles that accompanied our words when we converse, and the sincerity in our intentions when we offered to sing, play or simply just to engage a conversation.

    These are more than just words, because behind the façade of us saying "oh I came because institute says so", during that particular hours, we did indeed spent some glorious moments understanding these group of people, who probably made more contribution to Singapore than we had. We showed them that behind those walls of their "home", live a group of individuals who wished to show compassion for them, who wish to communication with them.

    06A1, you did well at the "home".

    *P.S.: "Anonymous"'s name was removed after she protested the mention of her name.

    Sunday, 25 March 2007
    Esplanade Presents..

    Sparks 4 Workshop Presentation
    King Lear: The Avoidance of Love

    date: 31 Mar 07
    day: Saturday
    time: 8pm
    venue: Theatre Studio

    [Click Here for more information]

    oh, btw it's free (:
    and since it's free, the WHOLE class can go together.
    but, on first come first serve basis tho.

    loves, nic (:


    Saturday, 24 March 2007
    i suggest we gather more outings and take more pictures.
    oh oh, can someone post something, and revive this blog.

    love, nic (:


    Monday, 12 March 2007
    If you wishes to post our class photos or anything relating to our class, send me a sms or email, supply your email to me, I will invite you as an author for the blog, and you will be able to post anything without your personal acc, rather than giving the entire class the userid and pw for this blog.

    Saturday, 10 March 2007
    This momentous day, 10 March 2007, this very 2nd Saturday of the 3rd Month in the year 2007. Alright, thats just being pompous. Well, here it is, our very own blog for Millennia Institute's 06A1-2007!

    Soon to be posted are stuffs that are gathered during the Institute's PU2 fun day yesterday. अत last, blog for 2007's O6A1! Hell yeah, so for the rest of year, at least there is a sort of annal for us to review what have happened during the course of 2007.

    To Nura and Victoria, we wishes you the best of your future endeavour, whether in academics or your life pursues। You guys will be remembered most for being part of this wondrous class.

    - Sliv

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